Autodesk Flex

Autodesk now offers Flex, a new pay-per-use option. Designed to provide flexibility for users who only need occasional access to Autodesk software, Autodesk Flex allows you to pay a daily fee for use of your software, rather than purchasing a long-term subscription.

Benefits of Autodesk Flex:

  • Access to the best products
  • An answer for occasional users and multiple software applications
  • Information and controls to optimize usage costs

How does Flex work?

Getting started with Flex is easy. You can estimate the number of tokens you need based on your usage data and give your users access to all or a subset of the products included in Flex – you decide.

Tokens are deducted when the user opens the software for more than 5 minutes, and for use over 24 hours. You can track token usage and spending in the “Reports” section of your account.

Please note! Tokens expire after one year and are not renewed, so monitor their usage and make sure you are using what you have efficiently.

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